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May 30, 2009

Keeping On Learning

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From my last article “The controversy of feelings or Uncommon ways to love people we care about”, I had a kind of feedback from my father who has seen a lot along is life and still does. From my point of view, he is an empathic person, who has that ability to perceive the human nature, to see into Men and their pain. As a matter of privacy, I won’t publish what he wrote me. Basically, he told me about the men, million miles away from their family, who live in more than terrible conditions in another country to be able to send a bit of money for them to survive. What would represent for us just enough for a day, is for them a fortune. Their conditions of living is simply not what any human being should ever go through. It makes me feel bad when I imagine them. We can’t even imagine in fact. Really, we can’t. The picture would be an euphemism compare to the reality of their life.

This feedback showed me how much my article was incomplete. How much I was incomplete in my way of thinking. My article is the one of someone who, despite of being very sensitive about the world around her and its people, live those experiences in a “protected world”. To be more explicit, Imagine how you would see a scene if you had a transparent and thin veil in front of your eyes. You can still see through but what you see is a bit blowy. The veil I have in front of my eyes is made of my young age, the protected world I live in, and the pain of a soul I cannot imagine as I’ve never been through it, at least not for the same reason. Getting rid off the veil is only gonna be possible by working on thinking outside that protected circle, keeping my eyes widely open and see the world with a wiser and humble heart. 

When I read that feedback, my first reaction even before finishing reading the last sentences was to delete my article. I was ashamed of it I guess and had the feeling it wasn’t making any sense anymore. But then I realized that keeping it will be for me, later, the opportunity to rewrite it. Becoming aware of what I wasn’t seeing or seeing incompletely.

I see the world today, wiser than I did more than 3 years ago. I’m far away from not being sensitive to what, unfortunately, a too big part of the world have to do to survive. But I have to look deeper in it; it shows me how much we still have to learn from the world, from the life, about ourselves.


This is what life is about: learning, keeping on learning, always learning. Knowledge is richness, Knowledge is understanding. 

As a diamond, life has many facets.


April 17, 2009

The controversy of feelings or Uncommon ways to love people we care about

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Spending months in a country that is not ours and sometimes apart from what we know create feelings we don’t know how to consider or how to deal with.

I have never felt France would be a place I could not leave. When I’m not abroad, I always dream about being away, speaking a foreign language, living according to a new culture, discovering people with a different way of thinking. My spirit is ceaselessly traveling abroad which explain why I often look away, off in another world, when I’m not working on a project or something else. I’ve got that uncontrollable need to discover something new, apart from what I’m used to consider and that would challenge my understanding of life. This constant research of something new impacts considerably on my personality and consequently, on whom I truly am.

Since I have started to travel the seven seas, I have developed that little something I still don’t know how to describe. However this little thing is not so little as it keeps increasing the gap between the larger circle of my entourage and I. Being a Citizen of the World is often out of people’s range of understanding. They cannot understand how you think, why you think that way and what it means. Just few people can actually understand. The reason is simple: they are experiencing the same thing. That’s a funny thing and a controversial one at the same time. Traveling like I do, enlarge the circle of friends (I’m talking about the ones with who we keep in touch for years) but also reduce it considerably. We end by feeling isolated from the rest of the people around us because of a barrier that no one can circumvent. A barrier that keeps you from connecting with them.


On the other hand, when considering the core of my entourage (family and closest friends), the feelings linking us, turn in a way, at the opposite of what they should be. Moving away from people we love and who are precious for us brings us closer to each other. The inconvenient is that except for some initiated, only the ones moving away know it. Being away from home for many months make us realize how much we need and miss our entourage. By the time we finally come back home, the world did not stop to turn while we were away. It changed, we changed and so did the people we love. When we come back home, we feel a gap like if suddenly we were not belonging to that world anymore. Not because we would feel rejected, but simply because we have a perception of the world different from the one we had before we left. That perception has impacted on our personality and probably on our behavior too. As a result, we find ourselves uncomfortable at the place of our own origins, like being a square shape trying to fit in a round one.

This feeling of unconfortability cannot be shared with the rest of our entourage who may not be able to understand it and maybe, would feel hurt because of it. But still, we cannot change the way we feel. This is why, when we go back abroad, we don’t feel guilty with those feelings anymore, as we are not confronted to them anymore. As a result, the few exchanges we have with our family are just about expressing love, and how much we miss them. Being guilt free, allow then our love to be fully expressed. Thus, we realize that no matter what our experiences are, love is always here, always the same. Only change the ease and the way we have to express it. But this, only the ones who leave know.

March 1, 2009

The Sense Of Life

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What is the sense of life ? Everyone, according to many criteria, has got his or her own answer.There is no one unique answer. Even though I am young and don’t have much experience of life compared to baby-boomers and other people who would tell me ” You don’t know what War is, so you don’t know what life is”,  I have my own interpretation of the Sense Of Life thanks to what I have experienced those last 3 years with my trips abroad and the contacts I got with foreigners. It may eventually change in the course of my life, but for now it satisfies me.

During the weeks I had spent in different countries but mostly during the months I lived in South Africa and Unites States, I have met people from everywhere in the world. (You might know that already). More than cultural knowledge about their countries, I have learnt principles of life, values, how to be stoic, which things deserve we put importance on them and so on. Actually, someone from France, Germany or Sweden for instance, won’t have the same opinion about those topics that someone from Pakistan, Cambodia or Sierra Leone. I have met people from countries not as developed as mine, and the least I can say is that I’m amazed by their sense of living. Billions of people have been consumed and desolated by wars, genocides, poverty, hunger, diseases and so on. Some have for only valuable goods, a pair of dusty shoes with holes or dirty plastic bags filled with recyclable canned. However, despite their unfortunate situation, they always find a smile to give you, a piece of bread to share with someone hungrier or more incredible: the force to forgive their  tormentors. In developed countries, the more you have, the less you share. A smile is seen as an aggression,  people are selling their remaining of humanity for the last vacuum in vogue and others, sue their neighbors for picking a daisy that grew on the edge of their gardens.

For me the sense of life is to see beyond those materialistic borders and to understand what is really important in my life and the whole world life thanks to the contact I can get with people living in territories different that mine. The richness I can get from these contacts make me wealthier than any individuals with the last Rolex assorted to their brand-new car.

Those values I can get from the world and that make me be Citizen Of  The World, I want to be able to share them with someone and to then, transmit them to my children: provinding them with the delectable taste of thinking different.

The sense of life is for me to go discovering the world and its people, to make them fit in my arms wide open and make my children diving into those values so that they can discover their own sense of life.

Discovering, Understanding,Sharing and Transmitting… This is for me The Sense Of Life, The Sense Of My Life.

January 31, 2009

What is it worth ?

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Here is a story. Short but long enough to overwhelm me.

Just about a week after my come back from NYC. I wake up, do all what you are supposed to do once you wake up and get ready to leave my appartment. I go into my metro station. I have just missed the train. Hmmm, too bad but ok, let’s wait four minutes before the next comes.

A homeless person come to me. Except being slightly tipsy, he doesn’t look so bad… in a way that he has many clothes on him, shoes… apparently enough to keep his body warm until the summer comes back.

I try to make him understand very kindly that I don’t have any change on me ( Which was true ). He was actually not asking for any money, just wanted to show what he called “Bozo”.

Bozo is a pen.  He fixed a kind of propeller on the tip of it. On the body of that pen, he notched the whole length with a knife and with a little piece of wood, rubs it all along. That move creates a physique reaction that causes the propeller to turn fast without even touching it.

He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy and I still have 3 mn to wait so I finally decide to let him talk to me. His name is Jean-Claude. He just wants to talk. I ask him about that physique phenomenom. He is glad I did.

After briefly explaining me, he askes my name. I say ” Emilie”. Suddenly, I can see that a kind of  shock happens in his eyes. He looks around like he is destabilized or doesn’t know where he is anymore. He looks at me again and I can see his eyes full of tears. With a shaking voice he asks me my age. I say 21. He then tells me that he has a daughter, not much older than me. He gives me a smile, apologized and say goodbye. With tenderness, I tell him he certainly doesn’t have to apologize to me and wish him a year as good as possible. He returns to the seat where other homelesses are sitting. My train arrives, I get into it. The doors take some time before closing. During these little seconds, I see him, his face in his hands, melting into tears. He starts to tell the story to his friends who are asking. The doors finally close. The train is leaving the station and I find myself completely overwhelmed by what just happened. I’m shaking and can feel the tears coming.

I realized that those men that we see everyday in the streets, those men who are marginalized, had a life before and were maybe not so different than we are. What may have happened for them to end in that situation?  What is the event that made those men going from having a child named Emilie to the metro station?

I still meet him when I take my train. However, even though I wanted to talk to him many times, I didin’t. The reason is, that I would like to help him but I don’t know how. Beside, I’m afraid that if I get to know him a little bit, it’s gonna be hard for me to be in my warm and cozy bed while he will be in the metro station or maybe outside having an empty stomack grumbling and his body freezing because of the very cold temperatures. I don’t want not to know him because I want to keep living my comfortable situation but just because I feel powerless. I’m not a materialistic person even though I enjoy many goods and others. Thanks to my education, I know that family is what we need to live and be happy. Money is necessary yes but it is also secondary. So I think about this man, who has somewhere a daughter called Emilie who doesn’t talk to him anymore. The reason ? Well, I don’t know, but what I know is that it’s terrible to have our roots somewhere and not being able to get back to them.

I don’t want to make people feel guilty for having a comfortable life by writing this article. I’m not even asking for them to give money to every associations they see even though from time to time it could be a nice action to do. I just think that we shouldn’t forget those people and nourish their marginalization. Having a thought for them from time to time can already be a first step. To where ? I don’t know, YOU know. What I know is that giving a smile doesn’t cost anything and can warm a heart up. We don’t know how broad ripples caused by little actions we do can be.

Ecole Superieur de Gestion et Commerce International – PSB

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Stop thwrowing tomatoes, I’m back ! At least until the next time!


About 2 weeks ago, I started my new university in France after a semester spent in MCNY.

I’m still doing a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). My University is called PSB ( Paris School of Business) which is part of a bigger organization called ESGCI (Ecole Supérieur de Gestion et Commerce International – Superior School of Management and International Trade).

A great point of that University is the possibility to study my last semester or my full last year abroad. I already have an idea of where I’m gonna go. I won’t say more about it as the time for it is still laying far away ahead !

The subjects I am going to study for the next 4 months are Business Communication, Research Method & PowerPoint, Excel, Principles of Law, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Accounting, Statistics and Spanish.

They are really demanding but what we are studying is quite interested and so are the projects we have to carry out. Most of my teachers got a great professional background which make the classes more interesting. Funny coincidence, my marketing teacher had been in charge for many years of the marketing area of one of my mother’s business supplier : Point à la ligne. It is a well recognized brand in its business field. I will do my first presentation in her class next wednesday. A presentation on which,  my team mate and I, have been working for a few hours. We are proud of it.

As my university is run by the American model, all my classes are in english, my teacher are from everywhere in the world and so are my classmates. Canada, Republic of Moldavia, Nigeria, England, Lituania, Korea, China, are some of the countries represented just within my class. Many other nationalities are present at PSB. An international context in which I feel confortable and like to study in, as it’s been the life I’ve been living for the last 3 years.

Growing myself among all those nationalities represent for me a privilege. I have learnt so much about so many cultures and the people who constitute them that I can’t dry my thirst of knowledge and need to learn always much about the human being who populate the six continents.

This is a life experience which enriches you much more than any school. This is the best school of life. It brings you another look over the world and teach you how to open your eyes bigger. This is a real passion that I have developped through those 3 years.

Now that I found a great university that truly corresponds to me, I will fully enjoy a bit of stability and study hard with the aim of being the best !

November 26, 2008

Mark Rothko

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It’s been a while since the last time I wrote on my blog, but I have been busy as hell as the end of the semester is coming.

Anyway, few weeks ago, I found the name of a painter whose I really like the work. Until now, I didn’t know his name.

Most of the people may not understand his paintings. Probably because at first glance they seem very simple and not well elaborated.

What I love in those paintings is that Rothko didn’t try to give them one unique meaning. It comes according to how each person feels when they contemplate them. Everyone is different, so one painting can get thousand of meanings.

The collection I refer to is made with huge colorful square forms. Sometimes those colors doesn’t fit with each other. But I like the effect, the pattern he created by the way he brushed them.

To me, each paintings represent a mood or a sensation I get during a very specific moment of a day, sometimes a futile one.

But those colors appease me, or on the contrary excite me by their warmth.

As sometimes my mood is changing, I found another meaning to the paintings so I kinda keep discovering them.

Look at some of them and see by yourself. You may like them, You may not. We cannot be sensitive to all forms of art that’s why I don’t expect everybody to enjoy them like I do.

But still, give them a shot !



October 23, 2008


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The delusion that individual advancement is made by crushing others.

The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected.

Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it.

Refusing to set aside trivial preference.

Neglecting the development and refinement of the mind and so not acquiring the habit of reading and studying.

Attempting to compel other persons to believe and live as we do so.

October 19, 2008

The threat

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Solene, This is for you… threatdown—starbucks

The Colbert Report

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Here is the show that I went to see on September 3rd.

In one of the videos, you can actually see me… However only me can see that it was me ! Fortunately, I didn’t go there to be seen, I would have been disappointed !

If you have time, watch all the little videos. They are not very long and they are worth your time !





doris-kearns-goodwin ( Where is Emi ? 🙂 )

October 18, 2008

Le festin de ma vie

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Les rêves des amoureux sont comm’(e) le bon vin
Ils donn(ent) de la joie ou bien du chagrin
Affaibli par la faim je suis malheureux
Volant en chemin tout ce que je peux
Car rien n’est gratuit dans la vie

L’espoir est un plat bien trop vite consommé
A sauter les repas je suis habitué
Un voleur solitaire est triste à nourrir
A un jeu si amer je n’peux réussir
Car rien n’est gratuit dans…

La vie… Jamais on ne me dira
Que la course aux étoiles; ça n’est pas pour moi
Laissez moi vous émerveiller et prendre mon en vol
Nous allons en fin nous régaler

La fêt(e) va enfin commencer
Sortez les bouteilles; finis les ennuis
Je dresse la table, de ma nouvell(e) vie
Je suis heureux à l’idée de ce nouveau destin
Une vie à me cacher et puis libre enfin
Le festin est sur mon chemin

Une vie à me cacher et puis libre enfin
Le festin est sur mon chemin

Dance of liberty – Tozart Gallery

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