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June 30, 2008


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Words are useless…


Gay Pride !

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As I told you, today was the Gay Pride ! That was pretty funny and sometimes cute ( yes, i said cute ! ) You could see the just-married couple showing proudly their rings and happiness… I got flesh creep many times…  I was really happy for them…

While i was watching the festival, a girl started to talk to me and noticed my French accent (Who wouldn’t ! ) …  Instead of asking me from which part of France i was, she just simply asked me to show her the French kiss ! Glurps… She was good-looking but unfortunately for her, i wasn’t drunk ! ( Even if i were, i’m not sure i would have kissed her ! ).  She told me she regrets i was straight but, nevertheless, gave me 2 condoms before leaving, probably seeking another prey ! It was funny …

Last time a woman showed me she was interested in me, she was 40 and she was my bank teller ! It’s getting better ! ahaha

June 29, 2008

Classical music and mixed feelings

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Strange feelings… I can’t help thinking about what my life would be if i was accepted at MCNY. More than anything, this is what i want. Meanwhile, i feel a little under the weather… don’t know why. I was so happy yesterday. Thus, this is for me a perfect moment to listen to that music. Providing my computer is still dead, i have no other resort but youtube.

That music means so much to me. It provides a feeling of appeasement that you won’t find in any unique-mindset music of todays. This is the power of classical music. Once you add your own feelings to a classical promenade, nothing around you exists anymore. This is your moment. Your music.

It’s hard to explain, you have to live it to figure out what i mean, so let’s play and You will understand …

Dad, you will doubtlessly recognize that music !

June 28, 2008


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I think I must apology to those ( who will recognize themselves) I laughed at for using Mac.

These last months, I discovered a little more Mac and I must confess that I totally changed my mind about it. This confirms what most philosophers said : ” Human being reject what they don’t understand “.

I still don’t really know about all its capacities but, for what i have seen so far, Mac is much more organized and convenient than PC. Especially when you are a student ! If my laptop survive the liquid attack it endured, I’m probably going to be the one who won’t when I will start the college ! There is so many tip and tricks that seem to be nothing but which, in fact, make the computer use much more easier and less brain-teasing. To crown it all, and in my opinion, this one of its best assets, there is no bug and no virus… I can’t ask for more… The more i learn to know Mac, the more I see the drawbacks of PCs. To those who are still hesitating between buying a PC or a Mac, I want to tell them to not loose their time weighting the prose and the cons. Buy a Mac.” Just as a little information, A Mac costs 1200 Euros in France, here, $1200… Just a difference of 400 Euros !

However, don’t misunderstand me ! I’m not saying that I don’t want my PC to come back to life ! Actually, If it does, my second sister will be probably glad to be its new mom ! Do you hear that Steph ?? 😉

I’m absolutely not ashamed to admit that I was wrong ! If I was not so stoic, I would even say that what happened to my PC was not an accident ! Some mystic forces could probably have organised all of that! Hummm… Mac is really powerful… I’m really thinking about getting one…

Metropolitan College of New York

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I’m so excited when I think that i have applied to that college… For people who don’t know, it’s for a Bachelor of Business Administration ( 3 years) . My last dream, that is to say being fighter pilot, had blown up in the air almost a year ago. It took time for me to go over it and find for what else i was made for. Business… What else ! I felt so good when i had to hold responsibilities, to negotiate with suppliers for my mom, be creative and productive… I have no doubt about the way I choose. And the business class I have everyday just keeps to confirm it ! Moreover, everybody knows that i am only satisfied when i am overbooked and drowning myself into work ! I know i have the skills for it, I just have to developed those! Here comes MCNY… You can check on the website :

I know i will be happy here and use plentifully my assets. I “just” have to be accepted now !

Nulele glurps!

Wouinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnowwwwwwwwwww !

People will never learn…

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ok today seems to be a day when I have to complain about everything… so let’s keep going ! Sensitive nationalist people : it’s better to skip that article.

FRENCH CITIZENS YOU SUCK !!!!!!!! ok. Now i feel a bit better but i guess it needs an explanation!

I’m fed up to read in the media about the so-called unpopularity of Sarkozy. Helloooooooooo ! We all know that it comes from these F@*!#- assisted-gastropods who want everything without giving anything. But come on, WAKE-up ! Here is the truth: french people got money from the government for this, money for that and it’s never enough ! As an example, a lot of unemployed people earned almost the same amount of money from the government that when they were working so, of course, as lazy these Omer SimpsonS are, they think they don’t have to work anymore! Why would they? They can earn money by sleeping until noon instead of waking-up at 9 every “morning” and spend the all day to read….. tabloids ! (Did you think I would say Shakespeare ?)

Marianne got a huge gap in her purse. So, of course we have to try to make it up. And the first one who really try got pooped on his head by these f@#!* retarded ! PIGEON ! Where do you think we will find the money genius ? Under a christmas tree ? Don’t think so!

When will people understand that before going back to a healthier situation, we first have to make a lot of reforms, to save money from where we can and bla bla bla (you already know the song). I know what some want to tell me: ” easy to talk when you come from a family like yours but, us, we have to eat ” …. Then i would answer : ” Stop smoking dummy, it’s worthier and healthier to earn money in that way ” !

I kill the first one who says that I talk in that way because I like Sarkozy. If Segolene Royal would have decided to take 10 euros from the citizens ( ahaha count on it buddy and drink fresh water ! ) I would have approved that… I don’t think there is so many solutions. Unless you want to share your fields with your neighbours, ok, let’s wake up Staline, i’m sure he would be glad to help you !

I mean, come on, i’m sorry if i seem to be tough but we can’t continue to go in that way and complain about everything. Sometimes, some people have to take decisions, that’s what Sarkozy do. If someone got a better idea to put the train back on the rail, speak up !

I’ve got so much to tell about that but… that would be too long… sorry if it’s vague and doesn’t seem to be constructed but i’m talking under anger so, of course it’s not constructed ! It’s an impulsive article ! hehe.. Hope we are still friend !

June 27, 2008

Forget everything you thought you knew !

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Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you two of family’s specimen !

my little sister Solene and my little (1.82M) brother Cedric:

Cedric (14) is going to Boston tomorrow by himself ! Good guy, you finally did it !! And if we got luck, he’ll probably come to New York for a week-end! Mimi is happy !

Solene (17) is in Madrid since few weeks… She is already a good Spanish speaker and i mean it, ( I don’t say that with a lack of objectivity , she really is ! )

You both remember me when i left home for the first time for Canada… All alone in a far away country, with another language and nobody around that you know… Sometimes it’s good to start from nothing… Once you catch the virus, you become like me ! You travel everywhere you can, impregnate yourself with new cultures and lifestyles…

Forget all prejudices you had about the world… Ethnic treasures are totally beyond your rich until you get your eyes out of your pocket and enrich yourself with all these differences! Then, you become ” A citizen of the world “. This is my way to learn from life and become a better person…

For the people who think they know everything of the different ethnic groups just by watching news on TV, I dare them to move their asses from their sofa and go in a foreign country for another purpose that Club Med holidays. (God knows how many of them i saw). That’s so much easier to criticise USA (for example) when you have never been there and never try to talk with Americans…

June 26, 2008

San Francisco

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I realized that i barely told you about San Francisco whether it was by phone or email ! Let me fix my mistake !

San Francisco or ” Fog City” (trust me, it deserves its name ! ) is the 4th biggest city in California and has got 800 000 people living there. It’s is also the first gay city in the world ! The Famous Gay-Pride Festival will occur this week-end. This year, the festival is going to be very special and much more huge than usually… Do you know why ? Simply because thanks to San Francisco, Gay marriages are now legal in the State of California since a week! ( Gay marriages are also legal in the Massachusetts ). I saw two lesbians of 87 and 83 years-old got married after 50 years spent together ! That was very cute.

Of course, SF got also the Golden Gate Bridge which the length is about 2.7 km ! It’s been built in 1937. I walked on it in both sens so for a total of 5.4 km. That’s pretty good !

You can also visit Alcatraz, the Coit tower or China Town which is really huge and beautiful !

Don’t worry i won’t forget about the cable car ! San Francisco would lost all its flavor without them ! There’s only 3 lines left because most of them had been destroyed during the terrible earthquake of 1906. I haven’t felt any yet but don’t get desperate to do so before i leave !

As you know, SF has been built on a lot of hills. Every morning, i’m killing myself by climbing them to go in class! At the beginning it was fun but when i realize that i’m late, i’ve got to run to be on time : that’s less funny ! Especially since i caught bad sunburns on the back on my legs last weekend which make me walk as a penguin ! Haha, it’s part of the charm of San Francisco !


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Good news ! Today i got my TOEFL results ! ready ?….ready ???? I got 100 !

The maximum is 120. Most of people get around 70-85. I am so proud of myself : 100 is considered as a high score so that’s great.

I got 26 in Speaking, 26 in Listening, 26 in Reading and 22 in Writing.

Moreover, the college I apply for, requires only 60 . Something less i have now to worried about !

June 25, 2008

Time to change…

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Darwin said : “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Someone tried to make me understand that since years… And i did… but i never understood it because i would have faced the situation… However, these last weeks, i did…

It’s like if my path was suddenly going from shadow to light ! I can see now where i am going and why i want to go there… I know what my strenghts are and where to use them. I also figured out what my weaknesses are. I targeted it and i’m already working on it. I feel like i am a new person but without loosing the ” old me “… It’s like an up-to-date of myself ! ahaha. I really delight the results i have seen so far… My relationships with people are changing and i take the experiences that come to me with more reflection ( don’t be too happy, i like too much to be impulsive so i won’t get totally rid of it !!). I don’t want to let my potential go. It has been sleeping for too long so i just woke it up !!

Let me exemplify it ! In my business class, we were making a simulation of a meeting between the leaders of two companies which had merged few months ago and had several problems with it. I was part of the managers of the company who bought the other one. I TOTALLY KICKED BUTTS ! People in my team were too shy to talk so i was kinda swimming alone against the tide ! I completely made the team in front of me out of arguments ! Mines were too good, too logical and so much clever ! I was completely leading the meeting and received the congrats of my teacher. What a great feeling ! I love to be productive ( by the way, i probably saved the companies from the bankrupt !). This is exactly what i want to do and where i’m supposed to be !

I had to go through hard time to be aware of those… But now, i’m ready and stronger enough to change the tide ! That’s why i want to stay in America… Here the changes started… and here they will keep going… this country inspires me a lot.

I still have some frustrations on which i have to work out, projects i have to make fructify and hopes i have to make happened… In a nutshell, i have to fix my clock ! Dali was not the only one… we all have our clock to fix,. For the first time, i found the tools to do it and i know now how to use them!

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