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June 25, 2008

Time to change…

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Darwin said : “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Someone tried to make me understand that since years… And i did… but i never understood it because i would have faced the situation… However, these last weeks, i did…

It’s like if my path was suddenly going from shadow to light ! I can see now where i am going and why i want to go there… I know what my strenghts are and where to use them. I also figured out what my weaknesses are. I targeted it and i’m already working on it. I feel like i am a new person but without loosing the ” old me “… It’s like an up-to-date of myself ! ahaha. I really delight the results i have seen so far… My relationships with people are changing and i take the experiences that come to me with more reflection ( don’t be too happy, i like too much to be impulsive so i won’t get totally rid of it !!). I don’t want to let my potential go. It has been sleeping for too long so i just woke it up !!

Let me exemplify it ! In my business class, we were making a simulation of a meeting between the leaders of two companies which had merged few months ago and had several problems with it. I was part of the managers of the company who bought the other one. I TOTALLY KICKED BUTTS ! People in my team were too shy to talk so i was kinda swimming alone against the tide ! I completely made the team in front of me out of arguments ! Mines were too good, too logical and so much clever ! I was completely leading the meeting and received the congrats of my teacher. What a great feeling ! I love to be productive ( by the way, i probably saved the companies from the bankrupt !). This is exactly what i want to do and where i’m supposed to be !

I had to go through hard time to be aware of those… But now, i’m ready and stronger enough to change the tide ! That’s why i want to stay in America… Here the changes started… and here they will keep going… this country inspires me a lot.

I still have some frustrations on which i have to work out, projects i have to make fructify and hopes i have to make happened… In a nutshell, i have to fix my clock ! Dali was not the only one… we all have our clock to fix,. For the first time, i found the tools to do it and i know now how to use them!

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