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June 26, 2008

San Francisco

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I realized that i barely told you about San Francisco whether it was by phone or email ! Let me fix my mistake !

San Francisco or ” Fog City” (trust me, it deserves its name ! ) is the 4th biggest city in California and has got 800 000 people living there. It’s is also the first gay city in the world ! The Famous Gay-Pride Festival will occur this week-end. This year, the festival is going to be very special and much more huge than usually… Do you know why ? Simply because thanks to San Francisco, Gay marriages are now legal in the State of California since a week! ( Gay marriages are also legal in the Massachusetts ). I saw two lesbians of 87 and 83 years-old got married after 50 years spent together ! That was very cute.

Of course, SF got also the Golden Gate Bridge which the length is about 2.7 km ! It’s been built in 1937. I walked on it in both sens so for a total of 5.4 km. That’s pretty good !

You can also visit Alcatraz, the Coit tower or China Town which is really huge and beautiful !

Don’t worry i won’t forget about the cable car ! San Francisco would lost all its flavor without them ! There’s only 3 lines left because most of them had been destroyed during the terrible earthquake of 1906. I haven’t felt any yet but don’t get desperate to do so before i leave !

As you know, SF has been built on a lot of hills. Every morning, i’m killing myself by climbing them to go in class! At the beginning it was fun but when i realize that i’m late, i’ve got to run to be on time : that’s less funny ! Especially since i caught bad sunburns on the back on my legs last weekend which make me walk as a penguin ! Haha, it’s part of the charm of San Francisco !


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