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June 27, 2008

Forget everything you thought you knew !

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Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you two of family’s specimen !

my little sister Solene and my little (1.82M) brother Cedric:

Cedric (14) is going to Boston tomorrow by himself ! Good guy, you finally did it !! And if we got luck, he’ll probably come to New York for a week-end! Mimi is happy !

Solene (17) is in Madrid since few weeks… She is already a good Spanish speaker and i mean it, ( I don’t say that with a lack of objectivity , she really is ! )

You both remember me when i left home for the first time for Canada… All alone in a far away country, with another language and nobody around that you know… Sometimes it’s good to start from nothing… Once you catch the virus, you become like me ! You travel everywhere you can, impregnate yourself with new cultures and lifestyles…

Forget all prejudices you had about the world… Ethnic treasures are totally beyond your rich until you get your eyes out of your pocket and enrich yourself with all these differences! Then, you become ” A citizen of the world “. This is my way to learn from life and become a better person…

For the people who think they know everything of the different ethnic groups just by watching news on TV, I dare them to move their asses from their sofa and go in a foreign country for another purpose that Club Med holidays. (God knows how many of them i saw). That’s so much easier to criticise USA (for example) when you have never been there and never try to talk with Americans…


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