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August 27, 2008

Jetlag and late thoughts.

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Tonight, was my first night in my home. Intead of enjoying my wide-cozy bed, I’m writting on my blog coz of jetlag and also because i’m worried for someone.

That person is leaving through something that could also happen to me. Hmm… maybe it already does…

Studying abroad, leaving family for a long time is hard because when you come back, you feel like you are not at home… neither in the country where you have been leaving for a little while. When you are back, everything changed during your absence. Your friends moved on, took the turn in their life like you did when you took the decision to leave… But then you realise that everything is different and so, despite the joy you get of being home, you feel like not belonging to that place anymore…Your mood goes from happiness to depression without any relevant reasons.

I arrived few hours ago in my place, land of refuge and neutrality, full of appeasement, full of excitment to see people that I ” left behind ” … However, when i put my key in the lock… I felt like I was not really at home. Having this little feeling of something you know that it is here in spite of trying to refute its commanding presence.

It’s a little destabilizing. When you leave, you are full of motivation and hopes toward your dream of studying abroad. You know where you are going and why you want to do that. The good that will come out. So this is what I want to remember when I will feel homesick and that I want you to remember too.

Go through the storm, never give up. Don’t loose your self-confidence nor the trust you got in your dream. I guess this is a logic ordeal we have to handle. This is part of our way down the stream of life. It challenges your ability to stay in a place that is not yours, it makes you stronger to face life…Yes, life is also a fight, not only an enchanted river I, personally, like to navigate on. This ordeal is not the only one you will get to know, I’m sure fate is already concocting a lot of other just for you ! But through years, you start being able to handle them. Sometimes, you cannot get rid off somes thus, you learn from them and how to cohabitate with.

In few years, when you will have a glance on that period of your life, the fact that you overcame those difficulties when you could have simply give up is what will give you the force to overcame the ones that are coming. You will think to yourself : “I can do it, I already did. I’m unstoppable! ” (Little wink ! I needed to borrow your word ! )

Moreover, you won’t have to leave with the regret that you could have done it. Don’t get fucked by life. Fuck the life, bite it with all your teeth, overcame ordeals it puts on your path and get stronger than ever.

Being what you are is your best asset but it’s is also your curse because challenges you will meet will be as high as your genius is. It’s mathematic ! You have weaknesses ? Great ! This is what keeps you human ! I know everything push you to not come back in NY but don’t use them as a reason to abandon. Nothing is unsolvable you told me once.

Here is your painting. I want you to remember who you are.


August 21, 2008

The night in museum 2

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This is also why I love New York… Even if you go out just for a walk, you never know what you gonna see. Yesterday night, I was in the area of the Museum of Natural History when suddenly….( ahahah suspens !) I saw a big plane in the middle of the road… In New York ! Believe me people, even if NYC have seen its Brooklyn Bridge destroyed by Godzilla, this is quite unusual !

A dream that comes true !!

All around the plane, I could see four or five dozen of people agitating their little grey cells around Ben Stiller.  They were in the middle of a shooting for his new movie : The night in Museum 2.

Acutally I hadn’t even seen the first one so whatever. But that was funny to see…

Explosion in NYC

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Even though I have seen a few explosions in my life, I will never get used to it especially when It’s happening in the middle of a big city as New York !

Yesterday, a car literally explosed in the middle of the 6th avenue and 54th st.

An opaque cloud of smoke invaded the avenue as well as a bad smell of burned tire.

Then, the firemen arrived and took care of the situation in no time. I don’t know if the driver was still inside the car or not… That thought kept sticked on my mind all day…  It’s ”funny” how memories from the past can simply jump on you through unexpected events or just from everyday life scenes…

Anyway, that was the first time I saw firemen in real action instead of seeing them burning trafic lights with these brain-mashing sirens.

August 16, 2008

Goodbye Brooklyn Heights

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Today was my last day in Kaplan Aspect and so, tonight is my last night in Brooklyn Heights… I’m actually sad to live this place that was really nice to live at. This pics shows the Montague st and to be more accurate, ”La Traviata Cafe”, which makes the best pasta ever !

This is how the end of august is goint to be for me:

From now till August 24th : I’m with my mom and sis (#4) in Manhattan.

From August 25th to 31st : I’ll seal my red wine thirst   (Hmmm, I can already feel the first drop of that elixir on my taste buds !)  and satisfy my craving for a delectable-unpasteurized-stincky-sticky french cheese in  France… (where else  ? )

September 1st : I go back to NY and move in my new residence

September 2nd : First day in MCNY ( I already get the shake !)

August 9, 2008

Chez Serge

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Yesterday night, I had dinner with some friends in a french restaurant. God, I almost forgot how good it was to be french ! This is only the second time I eat french food since I arrived in America. I should do that more often

Let me share my menu with you !

Apetizer : Snails or Escargots !

Main plate : Mussels mariniere with french fries

Dessert : Chocolate mousse with Creme caramel ( I couldn’t choose between both ! )

That moment was close to what someone called once ” Heaven” !!

ooooooooo I almost forgot the little touch that got all it’s importance : The french warm and crunchy baguette  with french creamy butter !

The simple fact of writting these words makes me about to faint!


Shoke in the MoMa

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Yesterday, I went to the MoMa ( Museum of Modern Art ) to see an exhibition of Salvador Dali, one of my favourite painters.

This painting caught me so deeply that I was about to cry despite the fact I was in an overcrowded room. Dali called it ” Solitude”.

I won’t explain why, because I don’t think I could with words and I’m not sure you could understand either but watch this with a lot of attention. I’m sure everybody got at least once in his life that feeling.

Don’t misunderstand me, my aim is not to make you feel down ! I Just want to show you why I love  art and the strong power it has… Where words are unable to be used, painters can brush a feeling that had been pursuing you since forever. It is here, without being able to explain it or just understand what it is, where it comes from… You are walking in a museum and suddenly an image catches you; within a second, everything becomes clear…

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