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September 30, 2008

A moment…

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This place gets all its magic at a specific moment of the day. While the afternoon reaches its very end. While the sun is not up anymore but didn’t start setting yet. While the diffused daylight’s brightness is not aggressive but soft and smooth. The pond down my garden marks the end of the propriety. Its twists and turns follow the shape of a mere zig-and-zag. Bends are not too tight, not too wide. During summer, on the surface of water, sterile water lilies gather in circle factions that let appear only few plots of water. I am usually sitting in the middle of the slope that leads to the shore. That spot opens on an ample sight that is surrounded by trees, hedges and wild herbs which protect it as a secret from stranger’s indiscreet glances. On both left and right side, two weeping willows vent their long, thin and speckled branches whose movements are transformed by the wind in voluptuous caresses. On the edge of the pond that gives birth to the water, the soil is covered by different varieties of mint and wild flowers. All over in the air are spread flowers perfumes married with the fresh and spicy aroma of peppermint. That scent is so concentrated that you can almost feel its taste in your mouth which make the moment even more delicious! Whatever the season, the grass is always dense and thick with a deep green color which intensifies the feeling of calm and coziness. When it has just been cut, the natural scent of grass adds itself to the already present floral fragrances. From time to time, the silence is shortly and melodiously broken by the “plop, plop, plop” made by fish in the water. Every senses are awaken and for once, by the fact of the nature rather than aggressions from cities. Lying down on the grass, a feeling of fulfillment invades my mind, my spirit, my soul. I don’t desire anything anymore, I am not even thinking. My body is at rest. Problems, annoyances, humanity are outside the natural fence build to protect my little cozy heaven. I am in Normandy. I am at home.

I took that picture after that moment… at the twilight.


September 27, 2008

Prosciutto di Parma, Cheese et Vin Français

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Enjoying pleasures of life is all art. But being able to transform the ordinary into extraordinary is also art and not so easy for everybody.

A Margaux ” Chateau des Carabins” 2005, a Roquefort Société, an infamous goat cheese and Prosciutto di Parma plus a touch of magic, transform a not-so-special night into a great evening of laugh and savour!

This is how life should be! A smell of old clothes that have been forgotten in a closet, a strong taste that would wake-up Frankenstein, and a Rouge Bordeaux that smiles to your lips and eyes.

If that life is perfect, we are listening to Puccini in background !

Materialistic people are wrong to be so. However, it’s never to late to find your own form of art and to perform it !

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