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October 15, 2008

When Apple “bites” you…

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As most of you know now, I’m leaving not physically (not yet!) but at least spiritually the dark side that Windows is! The most I learn from Mac, the most I literally melt for it!

Few days ago, I spent nothing less than 2 hours and half in the 5th Ave. MacStore, working on my user’s experience on a MacBook and enjoying the ease-of-use wave that keeps submerging me since a few months now.

Apple hit me once again today when I discovered the new range of notebook it released today. Although, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t have enough experience to compare the different versions, watching the Steve Jobs today’s keynote was almost enough to convince me!

Have a glance there:

The Mac’s Genesis is quite impressive even for a layman like me! I just have to remember how painful it is to carry my laptop in my school bag to understand the importance of those advances!

Of course, I’m not only referring to its weight. They add some features such as a fresh-invented graphic processors called GeForce 9400M ( yes I know what it is and its purpose, thank you!), an LED screen that contributes to better graphic performances, a new trackpad with glass surface and 4 new fingers’ functions, an illuminated keyboard ( much more important than you think !), and so on!

Even though my pc’s performances are not bad, its regular or about-to crashes scare me enough to wish a MacBook. No really, using a Mac is less stressful and the pleasure is greater, even more with the new versions. Far away from me the venture to influence you (:p) to switch for Mac, but if you get the opportunity, go into a MacStore to tease some of their products and you will see by yourself. Don’t make me start talking about their by-products as the Time Capsule for instance !!!

Staying in Apple releases, I’m not really convinced by the new Ipods Nano Chromatic. Although I like its general shape, its gaping screen gives to it a funny allure. I won’t give up mine, still number one in my heart!


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