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November 26, 2008

Mark Rothko

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It’s been a while since the last time I wrote on my blog, but I have been busy as hell as the end of the semester is coming.

Anyway, few weeks ago, I found the name of a painter whose I really like the work. Until now, I didn’t know his name.

Most of the people may not understand his paintings. Probably because at first glance they seem very simple and not well elaborated.

What I love in those paintings is that Rothko didn’t try to give them one unique meaning. It comes according to how each person feels when they contemplate them. Everyone is different, so one painting can get thousand of meanings.

The collection I refer to is made with huge colorful square forms. Sometimes those colors doesn’t fit with each other. But I like the effect, the pattern he created by the way he brushed them.

To me, each paintings represent a mood or a sensation I get during a very specific moment of a day, sometimes a futile one.

But those colors appease me, or on the contrary excite me by their warmth.

As sometimes my mood is changing, I found another meaning to the paintings so I kinda keep discovering them.

Look at some of them and see by yourself. You may like them, You may not. We cannot be sensitive to all forms of art that’s why I don’t expect everybody to enjoy them like I do.

But still, give them a shot !




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