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May 30, 2009

Keeping On Learning

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From my last article “The controversy of feelings or Uncommon ways to love people we care about”, I had a kind of feedback from my father who has seen a lot along is life and still does. From my point of view, he is an empathic person, who has that ability to perceive the human nature, to see into Men and their pain. As a matter of privacy, I won’t publish what he wrote me. Basically, he told me about the men, million miles away from their family, who live in more than terrible conditions in another country to be able to send a bit of money for them to survive. What would represent for us just enough for a day, is for them a fortune. Their conditions of living is simply not what any human being should ever go through. It makes me feel bad when I imagine them. We can’t even imagine in fact. Really, we can’t. The picture would be an euphemism compare to the reality of their life.

This feedback showed me how much my article was incomplete. How much I was incomplete in my way of thinking. My article is the one of someone who, despite of being very sensitive about the world around her and its people, live those experiences in a “protected world”. To be more explicit, Imagine how you would see a scene if you had a transparent and thin veil in front of your eyes. You can still see through but what you see is a bit blowy. The veil I have in front of my eyes is made of my young age, the protected world I live in, and the pain of a soul I cannot imagine as I’ve never been through it, at least not for the same reason. Getting rid off the veil is only gonna be possible by working on thinking outside that protected circle, keeping my eyes widely open and see the world with a wiser and humble heart. 

When I read that feedback, my first reaction even before finishing reading the last sentences was to delete my article. I was ashamed of it I guess and had the feeling it wasn’t making any sense anymore. But then I realized that keeping it will be for me, later, the opportunity to rewrite it. Becoming aware of what I wasn’t seeing or seeing incompletely.

I see the world today, wiser than I did more than 3 years ago. I’m far away from not being sensitive to what, unfortunately, a too big part of the world have to do to survive. But I have to look deeper in it; it shows me how much we still have to learn from the world, from the life, about ourselves.


This is what life is about: learning, keeping on learning, always learning. Knowledge is richness, Knowledge is understanding. 

As a diamond, life has many facets.


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