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January 31, 2009

Ecole Superieur de Gestion et Commerce International – PSB

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Stop thwrowing tomatoes, I’m back ! At least until the next time!


About 2 weeks ago, I started my new university in France after a semester spent in MCNY.

I’m still doing a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). My University is called PSB ( Paris School of Business) which is part of a bigger organization called ESGCI (Ecole Supérieur de Gestion et Commerce International – Superior School of Management and International Trade).

A great point of that University is the possibility to study my last semester or my full last year abroad. I already have an idea of where I’m gonna go. I won’t say more about it as the time for it is still laying far away ahead !

The subjects I am going to study for the next 4 months are Business Communication, Research Method & PowerPoint, Excel, Principles of Law, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Accounting, Statistics and Spanish.

They are really demanding but what we are studying is quite interested and so are the projects we have to carry out. Most of my teachers got a great professional background which make the classes more interesting. Funny coincidence, my marketing teacher had been in charge for many years of the marketing area of one of my mother’s business supplier : Point à la ligne. It is a well recognized brand in its business field. I will do my first presentation in her class next wednesday. A presentation on which,  my team mate and I, have been working for a few hours. We are proud of it.

As my university is run by the American model, all my classes are in english, my teacher are from everywhere in the world and so are my classmates. Canada, Republic of Moldavia, Nigeria, England, Lituania, Korea, China, are some of the countries represented just within my class. Many other nationalities are present at PSB. An international context in which I feel confortable and like to study in, as it’s been the life I’ve been living for the last 3 years.

Growing myself among all those nationalities represent for me a privilege. I have learnt so much about so many cultures and the people who constitute them that I can’t dry my thirst of knowledge and need to learn always much about the human being who populate the six continents.

This is a life experience which enriches you much more than any school. This is the best school of life. It brings you another look over the world and teach you how to open your eyes bigger. This is a real passion that I have developped through those 3 years.

Now that I found a great university that truly corresponds to me, I will fully enjoy a bit of stability and study hard with the aim of being the best !


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