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March 1, 2009

The Sense Of Life

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What is the sense of life ? Everyone, according to many criteria, has got his or her own answer.There is no one unique answer. Even though I am young and don’t have much experience of life compared to baby-boomers and other people who would tell me ” You don’t know what War is, so you don’t know what life is”,  I have my own interpretation of the Sense Of Life thanks to what I have experienced those last 3 years with my trips abroad and the contacts I got with foreigners. It may eventually change in the course of my life, but for now it satisfies me.

During the weeks I had spent in different countries but mostly during the months I lived in South Africa and Unites States, I have met people from everywhere in the world. (You might know that already). More than cultural knowledge about their countries, I have learnt principles of life, values, how to be stoic, which things deserve we put importance on them and so on. Actually, someone from France, Germany or Sweden for instance, won’t have the same opinion about those topics that someone from Pakistan, Cambodia or Sierra Leone. I have met people from countries not as developed as mine, and the least I can say is that I’m amazed by their sense of living. Billions of people have been consumed and desolated by wars, genocides, poverty, hunger, diseases and so on. Some have for only valuable goods, a pair of dusty shoes with holes or dirty plastic bags filled with recyclable canned. However, despite their unfortunate situation, they always find a smile to give you, a piece of bread to share with someone hungrier or more incredible: the force to forgive their  tormentors. In developed countries, the more you have, the less you share. A smile is seen as an aggression,  people are selling their remaining of humanity for the last vacuum in vogue and others, sue their neighbors for picking a daisy that grew on the edge of their gardens.

For me the sense of life is to see beyond those materialistic borders and to understand what is really important in my life and the whole world life thanks to the contact I can get with people living in territories different that mine. The richness I can get from these contacts make me wealthier than any individuals with the last Rolex assorted to their brand-new car.

Those values I can get from the world and that make me be Citizen Of  The World, I want to be able to share them with someone and to then, transmit them to my children: provinding them with the delectable taste of thinking different.

The sense of life is for me to go discovering the world and its people, to make them fit in my arms wide open and make my children diving into those values so that they can discover their own sense of life.

Discovering, Understanding,Sharing and Transmitting… This is for me The Sense Of Life, The Sense Of My Life.


October 23, 2008


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The delusion that individual advancement is made by crushing others.

The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected.

Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it.

Refusing to set aside trivial preference.

Neglecting the development and refinement of the mind and so not acquiring the habit of reading and studying.

Attempting to compel other persons to believe and live as we do so.

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