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October 15, 2008

Saturday Night Live

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Those videos are hilarious ! Have a look !

Tina Fey plays wonderfully the role of Sarah Palin. Given the recent “exploits” of that latter, the exageration is very slight !

The first link refers to an interview Palin got and the second one is a caricature of Sarah Palin again, yet with Hilary Clinton.


June 28, 2008

People will never learn…

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ok today seems to be a day when I have to complain about everything… so let’s keep going ! Sensitive nationalist people : it’s better to skip that article.

FRENCH CITIZENS YOU SUCK !!!!!!!! ok. Now i feel a bit better but i guess it needs an explanation!

I’m fed up to read in the media about the so-called unpopularity of Sarkozy. Helloooooooooo ! We all know that it comes from these F@*!#- assisted-gastropods who want everything without giving anything. But come on, WAKE-up ! Here is the truth: french people got money from the government for this, money for that and it’s never enough ! As an example, a lot of unemployed people earned almost the same amount of money from the government that when they were working so, of course, as lazy these Omer SimpsonS are, they think they don’t have to work anymore! Why would they? They can earn money by sleeping until noon instead of waking-up at 9 every “morning” and spend the all day to read….. tabloids ! (Did you think I would say Shakespeare ?)

Marianne got a huge gap in her purse. So, of course we have to try to make it up. And the first one who really try got pooped on his head by these f@#!* retarded ! PIGEON ! Where do you think we will find the money genius ? Under a christmas tree ? Don’t think so!

When will people understand that before going back to a healthier situation, we first have to make a lot of reforms, to save money from where we can and bla bla bla (you already know the song). I know what some want to tell me: ” easy to talk when you come from a family like yours but, us, we have to eat ” …. Then i would answer : ” Stop smoking dummy, it’s worthier and healthier to earn money in that way ” !

I kill the first one who says that I talk in that way because I like Sarkozy. If Segolene Royal would have decided to take 10 euros from the citizens ( ahaha count on it buddy and drink fresh water ! ) I would have approved that… I don’t think there is so many solutions. Unless you want to share your fields with your neighbours, ok, let’s wake up Staline, i’m sure he would be glad to help you !

I mean, come on, i’m sorry if i seem to be tough but we can’t continue to go in that way and complain about everything. Sometimes, some people have to take decisions, that’s what Sarkozy do. If someone got a better idea to put the train back on the rail, speak up !

I’ve got so much to tell about that but… that would be too long… sorry if it’s vague and doesn’t seem to be constructed but i’m talking under anger so, of course it’s not constructed ! It’s an impulsive article ! hehe.. Hope we are still friend !

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