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June 24, 2008


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Ok folks, here is the mean i found ( or maybe that someone inspired me :p) to continue to communicate with you, to improve my english and let you know about my everyday life without spending hours on the phone or on msn ! Please be indulgent with my grammar !

It’s more or less a kind of diary ( without personal teeny stuff !) with all little things that constitue my life in america ! Let’s start with something great !

Few weeks ago, i have discovered an interesting appliance. It’s a combination between the confort of Nike, the Ipod enternainment and the health aspect of a sport center. I’ve got a little receptor in my nike sport shoe (that i can absolutely not feel). It takes in account the distance i run, the calories i burn, my running time and more again ! It sends all these informations directly to my ipod which, while i’m listenning to music, let me know since how long time i’m killing myself, the distance i run  etc (For people who would like to ask, don’t worry i’ve got my ventoline with me (almost) all the time !!)…. What a surprised when i heard Lans Armstrong himself telling me that i beat my last record ! When i connect my Ipod on my computer ( i mean, when this one was still alive!) it sends all my running informations to the Nike+ website which calculates my whole averages. They are shown under the shape of a graphic… How proud i am when i see all these gradual changes go upper and upper ! Don’t go i haven’t finish yet ! I can also compare my results with friends who use it and also create a challenge with them ! Wow technology is amazing nowadays… Gracias Nano por todos estes regalos !



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