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April 17, 2009

The controversy of feelings or Uncommon ways to love people we care about

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Spending months in a country that is not ours and sometimes apart from what we know create feelings we don’t know how to consider or how to deal with.

I have never felt France would be a place I could not leave. When I’m not abroad, I always dream about being away, speaking a foreign language, living according to a new culture, discovering people with a different way of thinking. My spirit is ceaselessly traveling abroad which explain why I often look away, off in another world, when I’m not working on a project or something else. I’ve got that uncontrollable need to discover something new, apart from what I’m used to consider and that would challenge my understanding of life. This constant research of something new impacts considerably on my personality and consequently, on whom I truly am.

Since I have started to travel the seven seas, I have developed that little something I still don’t know how to describe. However this little thing is not so little as it keeps increasing the gap between the larger circle of my entourage and I. Being a Citizen of the World is often out of people’s range of understanding. They cannot understand how you think, why you think that way and what it means. Just few people can actually understand. The reason is simple: they are experiencing the same thing. That’s a funny thing and a controversial one at the same time. Traveling like I do, enlarge the circle of friends (I’m talking about the ones with who we keep in touch for years) but also reduce it considerably. We end by feeling isolated from the rest of the people around us because of a barrier that no one can circumvent. A barrier that keeps you from connecting with them.


On the other hand, when considering the core of my entourage (family and closest friends), the feelings linking us, turn in a way, at the opposite of what they should be. Moving away from people we love and who are precious for us brings us closer to each other. The inconvenient is that except for some initiated, only the ones moving away know it. Being away from home for many months make us realize how much we need and miss our entourage. By the time we finally come back home, the world did not stop to turn while we were away. It changed, we changed and so did the people we love. When we come back home, we feel a gap like if suddenly we were not belonging to that world anymore. Not because we would feel rejected, but simply because we have a perception of the world different from the one we had before we left. That perception has impacted on our personality and probably on our behavior too. As a result, we find ourselves uncomfortable at the place of our own origins, like being a square shape trying to fit in a round one.

This feeling of unconfortability cannot be shared with the rest of our entourage who may not be able to understand it and maybe, would feel hurt because of it. But still, we cannot change the way we feel. This is why, when we go back abroad, we don’t feel guilty with those feelings anymore, as we are not confronted to them anymore. As a result, the few exchanges we have with our family are just about expressing love, and how much we miss them. Being guilt free, allow then our love to be fully expressed. Thus, we realize that no matter what our experiences are, love is always here, always the same. Only change the ease and the way we have to express it. But this, only the ones who leave know.


October 15, 2008

Haribo c’est beau la vie !

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Here is the dream of many children… But you know what ? Today it’s miiiiiiiiiine !!!

A friend of mine and one of my sisters sent me this week an amount of candies that are not produced here!

For you to realise the scale on the pictures, I put a pair of (wonderful) shoes on it, so you can figure, how huge it is !

Ahahahan, you can see that they insisted on the Dragibus, Schtroumph and Crocodiles ! You know me so well !

The best in the story ? I don’t have to share ! You all are in France and I am in America ! Too bad !!! Is that the American dream ? I’m in ! oooo yeahhhhhh !

( You can notice that the shape represents an explosion of candies! )

September 27, 2008

Prosciutto di Parma, Cheese et Vin Français

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Enjoying pleasures of life is all art. But being able to transform the ordinary into extraordinary is also art and not so easy for everybody.

A Margaux ” Chateau des Carabins” 2005, a Roquefort Société, an infamous goat cheese and Prosciutto di Parma plus a touch of magic, transform a not-so-special night into a great evening of laugh and savour!

This is how life should be! A smell of old clothes that have been forgotten in a closet, a strong taste that would wake-up Frankenstein, and a Rouge Bordeaux that smiles to your lips and eyes.

If that life is perfect, we are listening to Puccini in background !

Materialistic people are wrong to be so. However, it’s never to late to find your own form of art and to perform it !

June 30, 2008

Gay Pride !

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As I told you, today was the Gay Pride ! That was pretty funny and sometimes cute ( yes, i said cute ! ) You could see the just-married couple showing proudly their rings and happiness… I got flesh creep many times…  I was really happy for them…

While i was watching the festival, a girl started to talk to me and noticed my French accent (Who wouldn’t ! ) …  Instead of asking me from which part of France i was, she just simply asked me to show her the French kiss ! Glurps… She was good-looking but unfortunately for her, i wasn’t drunk ! ( Even if i were, i’m not sure i would have kissed her ! ).  She told me she regrets i was straight but, nevertheless, gave me 2 condoms before leaving, probably seeking another prey ! It was funny …

Last time a woman showed me she was interested in me, she was 40 and she was my bank teller ! It’s getting better ! ahaha

June 28, 2008


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I think I must apology to those ( who will recognize themselves) I laughed at for using Mac.

These last months, I discovered a little more Mac and I must confess that I totally changed my mind about it. This confirms what most philosophers said : ” Human being reject what they don’t understand “.

I still don’t really know about all its capacities but, for what i have seen so far, Mac is much more organized and convenient than PC. Especially when you are a student ! If my laptop survive the liquid attack it endured, I’m probably going to be the one who won’t when I will start the college ! There is so many tip and tricks that seem to be nothing but which, in fact, make the computer use much more easier and less brain-teasing. To crown it all, and in my opinion, this one of its best assets, there is no bug and no virus… I can’t ask for more… The more i learn to know Mac, the more I see the drawbacks of PCs. To those who are still hesitating between buying a PC or a Mac, I want to tell them to not loose their time weighting the prose and the cons. Buy a Mac.” Just as a little information, A Mac costs 1200 Euros in France, here, $1200… Just a difference of 400 Euros !

However, don’t misunderstand me ! I’m not saying that I don’t want my PC to come back to life ! Actually, If it does, my second sister will be probably glad to be its new mom ! Do you hear that Steph ?? 😉

I’m absolutely not ashamed to admit that I was wrong ! If I was not so stoic, I would even say that what happened to my PC was not an accident ! Some mystic forces could probably have organised all of that! Hummm… Mac is really powerful… I’m really thinking about getting one…

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