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July 28, 2008

The futur is coming up!

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Today is probably one of the most beautiful day of my life ! Indeed, I’ve been accepted in MCNY for the next semester which starts on september 2nd !

I can’t believe that I’m going to be student in New York City. I will have the opportunity to live an American Halloween, Thanksgiving, Ice skating in Central Park under the snow……… and more !

However, to be honnest, I’m also terrified ! There is a huge difference between the French university system and the American one… I will probably bite the dust for few weeks before I get used to it !

Living my entourage for 6 months was more or less easy, I already did it. But now, this is for 3 years minimum… I’m not playing in the same court ! How is it going to be, when I’ll be homesick without the ones I love around me ? YOu can be as strong as anybody  but it’s never easy.

Fortunately, I’ve got some friends here who I can count on ! Don’t worry ”mon chou” I don’t replace you! How could I ?! They are from Germany and Portugal and will stay here probably as long as me !

My residence is also going to change. Goodbye Brooklyn Heights ( snif snif) Hello Manhattan Upper East Side ( East Side of Central Park).  It is on the green line, station 103 St.

MCNY is down on the red line, station Canal St.

Anyway, everything is perfect. My brain is going back to work and will use all its potential of productivity.. Mimi is happy…


July 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

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I’m back to New York ! I didn’t know that I would miss the big apple so much. ( Not only for the reason that you all think ! ). This is my second home, this is the place that conducted me to discover what i really wanted from life  and from myself. I tell you, this city is just magic !

I’m living in Brooklyn Heights, a really peacefull neighborhood at the border of Manhattan. Just a few metro stations from there, and i’m right in Manhattan ! So that, i can enjoy the calm of Brooklyn as well as the active life of New York! ( My consumption of aspirin had dramatically decreased since i’m in there ! ahah ) 

Around my residence, I can enjoy 3 different japenese restaurants (to satisfy my sushis crave !), a video club for my long nights during the winter ( actually the temperature is around 30C!) without forgetting a wine and spirits shop. This is just in order to remember my french roots and taste some of  the wines from Argentina. (To enhance my cultural knowledge!).

Just in a few words : I’m happy.

Ohohohoh, by the way, i recommend you guys to see a movie from Woody Allen called ” Manhattan”

If you can watch it in english, that  would be much better but i won’t blame you if you don’t. It could just makes you appreciate the beginning as it deserves it !

July 4, 2008

Con te partiro

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I remember the first day I heard that song. I was 9 when my grandmother made me discovered it in 1996. From the first second, i fell in love for it. To date, the emotion i feel when i listen to it is still intact. The same passion invades my mind and my heart. It helps me to remember my grandmother. She loved Andrea Bocelli’s voice and so do I. This song was Our song. This song is Our song.

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